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Carve out your own niche

Owning the Concrete Printer isn't just owning a revolutionary machine but owning a whole new source of income. Our design gives you endless possibilities with wood, glass, soft metals, block ice, and of course concrete!
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Conventional methods of engraving require time consuming methods and a large arsenal of specialized tools. The Concrete Printer does it all in a fraction of the time and cost.
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April 10, 2012

Stunning engravings in minutes

The Concrete Printer produces stunning engravings of logos, designs, and fonts in minutes. Our machine creates an entirely new business niche on a pre-existing medium found in every corner of the planet. The potential is limitless.


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The Concrete Printer is a new CNC engraving machine that turns existing concrete into stunning statements for business and residential areas. Now in a matter of minutes you can engrave an infinite number of logos, patterns, or decorative designs into concrete and even asphalt.

Our CNC router design incorporates a number of unique features that stand out: The open frame design allows the Concrete Printer to be placed on virtually any surface for engraving, etching, and cutting applications. Additionally, the z-axis incorporates a patent pending floating head system that allows for flawless engraving on UNEVEN concrete and aggregate surfaces in just a single pass.

The Concrete Printer isn’t limited to engraving concrete or asphalt. The CP-8 Concrete Printer also fulfills roles as a CNC wood router, CNC glass etching machine, CNC Acrylics and Polycarbonates engraving and cutting tool, block ice sculpting and engraving machine, as well as a CNC mill for cutting and engraving aluminum and soft metals. The Concrete Printer is a truly portable CNC that offers entrepreneurs, college students, construction contractors, and business owners the opportunity to offer a completely new service niche.

The unbelievable uniqueness captures everyone’s attention and allows owners to reap high margins – paying off your investment in weeks, not months or years. Everywhere you look is an untapped market right under your feet – Municipal walkways and playgrounds, restaurant patios, factory floors, pool areas, residential stoops, sidewalks and driveways; man caves; business entrances, and more will find your engraving surface too irresistible to pass up the opportunity to make a stunning statement.

Current buyers of the Concrete Printer have billed anywhere from $200 to $1,000 per engraving, and with bits being the only consumable, your profit margins are staggering. The Concrete Printer gives you a service that sells itself. We back you up with solid service and support, as well as marketing materials to help your business get off the ground. This is not a franchise and is totally free of any continuing royalty charges.

The Concrete Printer has empowered people all over the United States and Canada with a powerful, own-your-own-business tool that is less than the cost of a used car. Your success is our success. Our machines go quickly and our production capabilities are purposefully limited so give us a call today.