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CP-8 CNC Concrete Engraver

Your Concrete Printer comes complete with the engraving unit and control box. The unit engraves an area of 2×3 feet, and through the software, can be ‘tiled’ for larger projects. We’ve designed the Concrete Printer to be a reliable workhorse that will withstand the rigors of daily use as you engrave logos and designs for your customers.

The Concrete Printer includes a full one year warranty* from manufacturing defects and abnormal wear or malfunction. Our pricing page also includes additional options that will enhance your Concrete Printer’s functionality and ease of use.

Concrete Printer CP-8 CNC engraver with control box

Built for rugged use

The four stepper motors have a 5-day/wk, 8hr/day, 5year life cycle. All electronics are covered by a one year warranty and utilize the latest advancements in CNC technology for smoother, faster operation. The rack and pinion gear is made from high quality, hardened steel. The rack gear is attached to the frame with a commercial grade epoxy strip for shear strength that surpasses rivets or bolts. The unit runs on standard 120 volt power.

Concrete Printer CP-8 control box



Top of the line electronics

The control box uses the latest advancements in CNC technology. X,Y, and Z axis inputs are controlled from a robust independent motor drives and links to your laptop via a ethernet port. We also include an a newly designed motion controller for fast and smooth curved and complex cuts.

CP-8 rail

High quality rails

Not all rails are created equal. We use the highest quality, hardened, chrome-plated rails for long life under the harsh environment of engraving concrete.

Concrete Printer floating head z-axis




Floating Head Z-axis

The Concrete Printer’s new floating head design makes engraving uneven concrete a breeze. The feature can be locked out for engraving other surfaces. Included with your machine we provide a spindle speed controller for engraving wood and soft metal.

CNC high quality bearings and anodized parts



All stainless and anodized aluminum Construction

The Concrete Printer utilizes the highest quality parts from anodized aluminum and stainless steel. Our long-life, precision ball bearings, like nearly every feature of the Concrete Printer – are replaceable.

CP-8 bumpers and parallel adjusters



Simple to setup and store

Adjustable feet at each corner are ground to a point for maximum traction on flat surfaces and come with removable protective caps. Rubber bumpers are included along both sides of the X (lengthwise) axis for vertical storage when not in use.

“The build quality is impressive. This amazing machine holds up to serious abuse and wear that it daily encounters on the job site.”