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The Concrete Printer requires two different software platforms to function – the toolpath software and driver software.

The toolpath software creates the ‘roadmap’ of the design that your Concrete Printer will engrave for each project. The driver software
‘steers’ that ‘road map’ by sending inputs to the control box.

We’ve settled on recommending two products after extensive testing and use: Vectric’s ( VCarve Pro for toolpath design and ArtSoft’s Mach3 ( for the driver software.

VCarve screenshot – click to enlarge

VCarve Pro software creates CNC toolpath files and comes with an array of other useful features. They also have solid support infrastructure including an active forum of users, as well as many instructional videos available at their website. VCarve’s other useful features include a 3D preview mode, a tool for converting raster image files to vector, and a project time estimator. A lower cost, ‘stripped down’ version of the software called Cut2D is also available.

Mach3 screenshot – click to enlarge

Mach3 also has a solid community online as well, meaning many of your questions can be answered with a Google search. Once your Mach3 parameters are set – there’s very little you will need to configure for each new project. Buyers of the Concrete Printer will also get access to our instructional videos on basic use of these software systems.

‘This sounds a little daunting and I’m not comfortable working with computers. Is the Concrete Printer really right for me?’

A: If you can open a file on your computer you can still deliver this exciting new service to your customers and reap generous profit margins. For a nominal fee, will create the toolpath file for you. All you need to do is open it in Mach3 and click start. Pricing for this service depends on the complexity of each design and the format of the original logo you receive from your customers. Call us for more info.