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Useful Links

Links below are helpful references and tools as well as services that will save you time and energy as you get to know your machine and sell your service

Vector Logo Services

What if your customer emails you a small JPG or other raster filetype? While the VCarve software has a ‘bitmap trace’ feature that attempts to turn your raster file into vector – it will usually be less than perfect. We recommend using one of the companies listed below to take your file and remaster it into a workable vector file that you could even sell back to your customer for other uses such as signs and embroidery.

Vectric and Mach3 software helps does not support the software programs you purchase for your machine. However, the software we recommend is well supported by the companies that make them and the communities that use them.

Vectric Cut2D tutorial videos

VCarve design tutorial videos

Vectric VCarve machining tutorials

VCarve and Cut2D forums – Learn from other experienced users of the software!

Mach3 user forum

Mach3 video tutorials – While much of the Mach3 software is beyond the scope of your needs for engraving logos and designs for your customers, you’ll still find some helpful information that will help you maximize your Concrete Printer machine’s capabilities forum – another CNC user forum


A good collection of fonts will allow you to offer your customers a customized look. Residential customers will appreciate being able to have some choices if engraving for example, their name on their front stoop or driveway. Sometimes a customer may give you a raster file that includes fonts that need to be vectorized. Many times those fonts are widely available or you may be able to find a font that is very similar in appearance. The links below include both sources for fonts as well as font viewer and installer software.

WhatTheFont – great free resource for finding the name of the font (which you can then search for downloading). Features both an automated font examiner and if unsuccessful in determining what your font is called, you can post up an image of your font in question and experts will try to determine the name of the font for you. – Download fonts for free – Free and licensed fonts – Download fonts for free – Download fonts for free – Download fonts for free

AMP FontViewer – Free software for viewing and installing your downloaded fonts. We install this program on every laptop we ship.

NOTE: Dumping a large number of fonts into your Windows/Fonts folder is not advisable. A large number of fonts will burden your laptop’s resources and processing which are needed for operating your CAM software (Mach3). For this reason it is advisable to download a program such as AMP font viewer to manage your fonts.

Vector Graphics & Logos

Many stock photography websites also sell vector graphics that you might find useful for creating designs and shapes you wish to engrave. Search under parameters like ‘illustrations’, ‘vector’, or ‘eps’. – free to download vector files – free to download vector logo files – free to download vector logo files – free to download vector logo files

Vector Design Software

While knowledge and use of vector design software isn’t necessary to successfully engrave with your machine, it can be very useful for editing and creating logos and designs. Here is a list of programs that create vector graphics

Inkscape – It’s free! We install this program on every laptop we ship.

Adobe Illustrator – Illustrator is the defacto vector graphics tool for graphic design professionals

CorelDraw – CorelDraw has a lot of powerful features and is slightly more cost effective over Adobe Illustrator.