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Marketing Support

Tools to Help You Sell EngravingsWhether your a prospective buyer or a current owner of the Concrete Printer, we know solid marketing is critical.

Your success is our success. We believe our machine is already creating a marketing revolution, but reaching those potential customers can be difficult and/or costly without marketing support.

Whether using our basic sales portal or customized marketing tools available from Lakeland Creative, we're dedicated to ensuring you have the means to quickly and efficiently get the word out about your new engraving business, and close the sale. Basic Marketing

Think of it as budget-minded 'cloud' marketing. We've created as a portal for current and prospective buyers to use when selling engraving services. Messages left with our 800 number or contact form are relayed to Concrete Printer owners or prospective buyers based on proximity to the lead. The site features a gallery of images that will be continuously updated (with pictures submitted from Concrete Printer owners) that everyone can use to demonstrate the service to prospects.

This package offers some options you can purchase for just a few bucks.  Print ready files for a brochure customized with your contact info, business cards, and a 30 day listing on (Concrete Printer owners - call for special priviledges)

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